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Breeding Ground

Breeding Ground - Sarah Pinborough The Breeding Ground is an absolutely chilling horror novel. It starts off innocuously enough with Matt and Chloe, a happy couple, who are going to have a baby. Things start getting bad in a hurry when Chloe develops a nasty streak that is completely unlike her personality. On top of that, she begins to develop strange lumps on her body. This isn't only happening to Chloe, but is happening to many women. Matt comes to the realization that it's not a baby who is growing inside of Chloe. These bizarre spider-like creatures began to hatch from the women in Matt's English town. The spiders take to the street and devour their prey. Matt realizes that Chloe is lost to him and flees for his life. Matt finds other survivors, and they eventually get to a military compound.

It's not often that I find a novel with such excellent horror elements such as this one. Also, the post-apocalyptic nature of the novel has rarely been handled so well. Sarah Pinborough nails it with flare and talent. It's hard not to feel bad for her protagonist Matt, an ordinary guy thrust into a very difficult scenario. The plot is intelligent and well thought out. The writing is at a very high level that as a fellow author I can respect and admire. The novel leaves itself open for a sequel, one that I look forward to reading.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street