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Naked Empire

Naked Empire - Terry Goodkind After having read this novel, I'm pretty sure Terry Goodkind gets paid by the word. He could have cut this novel in half, and it would still be entirely too long. In Naked Empire, Richard Rahl has been poisoned, and he needs to find an antidote. In the meantime, the Empire that he rules is being invaded by barbarians.

This novel was absolutely dreadful in many ways. Someone should tell Mr. Goodkind that he's writing a fantasy novel, not a dissertation. He went on and on about the philosophy of magic and people who aren't receptive to it. I felt like stabbing myself in the eye about halfway through it. I have no idea how he can have many readers. Among popular fantasy writers, he is among the worst I have read. His characters are poorly drawn out and not remotely interesting. His plot goes nowhere, and is not particularly imaginative. After reading Naked Empire, I have no interest in reading any further novels from Terry Goodkind.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street