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Zorro - Margaret Sayers Peden, Isabel Allende The novelization of the telling of Zorro is a quick paced and action-packed tale, starting out from his youth in California before relocating to Spain. Despite the privilege of his familial upbringing, he becomes best of friends with his wet nurse's son. Zorro develops a strong sense of justice with his ties to the natives in California, who are being exploited. In Spain, Zorro joins a secret society dedicated to fighting injustice, where he learns swordsmanship. Amongst gypsies, he develops acrobatic skills. With all of this, he returns to California to regain his family's estates.

While Zorro is a familiar character, there hasn't been so much done in regards to his character in fiction and film that he feels worn and beaten down. The novel is a fun portrayal of the swash-buckling hero, and certainly an entertaining tale. There is nothing especially deep about this novel. It's not one that will resonate long after you read it, but it serves its job to entertain. The writing is professional and competent. The author could have added more details to flesh out the historical settings, which came up a little short. A decent novel worth reading.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street