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Simple Genius

Simple Genius - David Baldacci Simple Genius stars two secret service agents turned private investigators. At the start of the novel, Michelle Maxwell, a tiny little woman who has a death wish, goes to a bar and starts a fight with the biggest guy she could find. Her partner, Sean King, checks her into a mental institution, convinced that she is trying to kill herself. Meanwhile, he takes a job investigating a murder at a government high tech think tank. Despite Michelle's mental incompetence, she needs to swing into action to save her partner from certain doom.

The bottom line of this novel is that it is ridiculous in so many ways. There are government conspiracies out the wazoo, each one more nonsensical that the previous one. I didn't find either of the main characters to be remotely compelling. There is a certain level of dramatic tension involved in the novel, which worked fairly well. I also liked the concept behind Babbage Town, the high tech think tank. But so much of the execution of the novel was flawed. This is one that I would recommend skipping.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street