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The Templar Legacy

The Templar Legacy - Steve Berry The Templar Legacy is basically a complete rip off of The Davinci Code, which was not that great of a novel to begin with. It has fewer twists and turns than the original, and is even more convoluted. Furthermore, Steve Berry does not remotely impress me with his writing skill. In The Templar Legacy, a former US Justice Department agent just happens to see a purse-snatcher kill himself by throwing himself off of a tower and slitting his throat just to make sure he completed the job. Cotton Malone's investigation into the matter leads him to a medieval Knights Templar organization that has been operating in secrecy for hundreds of year. Hmm, where did I see that at before? There are your anagrams, symbols and puzzles that need to be solved, not to mention gunfights with Templar monks, all very realistic. Basically, if not for The Davinci Code this novel would not exist. Hopefully, next time Steve Berry will try to be more original, if he has it in him.
Carl Alves - author of Blood Street