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State of Fear

State of Fear - Michael Crichton State of Fear is part sci-fi, part thriller, part essay on environmentalism. There was some good and some bad in this novel. Philanthropist George Morton is planning on donating a large sum of money to an extreme environmentalist group until he learns about their methods, and gets more information about global warming from Dr. John Kenner. Later Morton dies in a car accident. Kenner and Morton's lawyer travel to Antarctica where a group of environmental extremists are about to create a massive explosion to create an environmental disaster to strengthen their position. They then travel to the Solomon Islands in an island with headhunters and cannibals where a similar scenario is brewing. They have to stop the wacky environmentalists to prevent disasters.

There was some good thriller components in the story and also good characters. The dialogue is wooden at best and really weak at times. The problem with it is that Crichton is trying to spew his research in the form of dialogue and it sounds terribly unrealistic. People don't speak that way. He also has a clear agenda here. The environmentalists are painted as idiots with no scientific backing to their claims. Their usual way of explaining things is "everybody knows that". Although I agree with Crichton's position, he comes off as being heavy handed. This was a solid novel, but it had enough weak points that I can't strongly recommend it.
Carl Alves - author of Blood Street