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Against All Enemies

Against All Enemies - Tom Clancy, Peter Telep In Against All Enemies, CIA operative and former Navy SEAL Max Moore is fighting a battle on two fronts. It starts off with him combatting the Taleban in Pakistan. It then transitions to the drug wars in Mexico, where Moore and a team are trying to take down the biggest drug cartel in the world. These two fights are related since the terrorists are supplying the drugs to the cartel to fund their Jihad operations. The cartel has a long reach, and the leader of the cartel is a very powerful person. Meanwhile the terrorists are trying to reach the United States and enact another 9/11 style attack on US soil.

I thought Clancy's Jack Ryan novels had gotten stale and not remotely realistic. The novels were stuck in the past, and this book gave his writing a necessary face lift. The novel was loaded with action throughout and the writing was competent and professional. There were a few plot holes and some factual issues, but I thought the characterization was strong. The team assembled to take on the Cartel had quality characters that resonated. There was plenty of action that kept the novel moving. The ending was a bit of a letdown, however. This was a solid novel that action fans will enjoy.
Carl Alves - author of Blood Street