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Beware! - Richard Laymon In Beware, the story starts off with Lacey Allen, a small town reporter, who is covering attacks by a mysterious assailant making attacks at a local market. Lacey is stalked and attacked by this assailant, who turns out to be invisible. After she escapes, she is on the run. In a separate story line, Dukane, a combination of James Bond and GI Joe, is extracting a rich girl from a VooDoo cult. This cult is your stereotypical, not remotely believable all powerful, omnipresent group that can accomplish just about everything. While Lacey is on the run, she runs into Scott, a thriller author. In a ridiculous, absurd coincidence, Scott is best friends with Dukane, who comes out to help Lacey against her invisible killer.

The basic premise of this story is good, and the writing is competent and professional. The plot needs a good bit of work however. The coincidences are a bit much to accept, and there are massive plot holes. The characters are also one-dimensional and not terribly true to life. I also didn't remotely care for the careless and flippant way Laymon handled the rapes that occurred during the novel. Beyond that the book was oversexed, as if the author was trying to put in sex wherever he could even when it didn't make much sense. Still, there was some positive aspects to the novel. It was brief and fast moving and fairly entertaining.
Carl Alves - author of Blood Street