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Contagious - Scott Sigler The sequel to Scott Sigler's amazing thriller Infected, which I listened to as a podcast novel, Contagious starts off with newly elected President Gutierrez dealing with a major crisis. The planet is being quietly invaded by an alien force, which takes the form as triangles that latch onto people's bodies and take over their host.
"Scary" Perry Dawsey returns, leading the charge against the triangles. To say that Perry is an anti-hero doesn't quite do him justice. He's a hero with a hint of madness to him. After mangling his body to remove the triangles from his body, he is now working with ex-CIA agent Dew Phillips and scientist Margo Montoya as they lead an assault to stop the aliens from taking over the planet. Evil has a new face in the form of seven-year-old Chelsea Jewell, who has a new form of infection that supersedes merely having triangles. All options are on the table including the use of nuclear weapons on US soil to stop the aliens.
Scott Sigler is an amazing writer who knows how to grip the reader in his own maniacal style. He has all of the subtlety of a sledge hammer smashing the base of your skull. He's one of the few writers whose work I would be able to recognize blindly. There are no wasted pages. He moves from scene to scene at a fast pace, never leaving lulls for the reader. I read this novel with the voice of Scott narrating since I had listened to Infected as a podcast, which added to my enjoyment. The ending is explosive. Even better than Infected, this is a novel that you do not want to miss.
Carl Alves - author of Blood Street