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Edge of Battle

Edge of Battle - Dale Brown The Edge of Battle focus on the border war along the Mexican border. Commander Veracruz, a drug dealer and smuggler, is calling upon Mexican nationalism to take back the southeastern part of the United States back to Mexico. As part of this, Veracruz's forces slaughter a group of US border guards. To combat this Operation Rampart has been created led by Major Richter and his high tech special forces task force.

This novel lacks any kind of believability and credibility. It's almost silly in parts and difficult to take seriously. I found the whole aspect of Mexico trying to take back the Southwestern United States, and especially the big reveal of who Veracruz is, to be just ridiculous. There was almost nothing about this book that I liked. The writing is substandard. There is a lot of action, but I didn't find it to be particularly compelling. Bottom line, I would recommend passing on this novel. There are far better thrillers out there than this one.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street