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The Paradise Snare

The Paradise Snare - A.C. Crispin The Paradise Snare is a Star Wars universe novel featuring one of my favorite characters, Han Solo. This is early in the smuggler's life, before he was drawn to the light side of the force and teamed up with the Rebels. It is also the start of Han's life as a pilot. As one would expect, he finds a love interest in this novel and saves her from enslavement.

The Paradise Snare is one of the better Star Wars novels I have read. The source material is strong, since Han is one of the more interesting characters in the series. I enjoyed his backstory and how he got to the point in his life where everybody first saw him. The writing was crisp and professional. AC Crispin knows how to weave a fine tale with skill. The story is infused with action and tension throughout. I think most readers of Star Wars fiction will enjoy this novel. Highly recommended.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street