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Deception Point

Deception Point - Dan Brown Dan Brown may be immensely popular, but his skills as a writer are deplorable. At least in Angels and Demons and The Davinci Code, he was able to write thrillers with lots of action that were page turners. Deception Point is nothing like that. The plot, premise and execution are so utterly ridiculous that I am surprised I was able to make it through this novel. To make it worse, he's just not a good writer from a technical standpoint.

In this silly novel, President Herney is seeking a difficult reelection. His opponent, Senator Sexton's main mission in life is to bring down NASA. This in itself is ridiculous. What politician who has ever existed would make it their main platform to bring down NASA? Does the term bigger fish to fry have any meaning here? Tons of absurd conspiracies abound. Dan Brown is certainly no stranger to conspiracies, but the ones in this novel make his others positively plausible in comparison. Without giving away the big reveal, the NASA crew, including Senator Sexton's daughter, Rachel, travel to the Arctic circle for what is to be a massive revelation. This novel was tough to get through and definitely below Dan Brown's other novels in quality.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street