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The Samhanach

The Samhanach - Lisa Morton, Frank Walls The Sahmanach is a Halloween tale that spans three hundred years and two continents. Merran McCafferty is celebrating Halloween with her daughter when she finds an old manuscript that tells of a tale of her family from 300 hundred years ago, when a man called a monster in Scotland to attack members of the family. Since then, every hundred years, the Sahmanach has been taking children from the direct descendants of the McCafferty family. This is when Merran realizes that her daughter is next. When Sahmanach abducts Merran's daughter, she must go to the land in between to retrieve her.

Lisa Morton's prose is tightly written and intense. The plot is sound, and the mythos that she explores is interesting. It was a captivating Halloween tale. I liked how the story flowed between present and past. The transition was fairly seamless. My only real criticism was that I thought the story could be enhanced if it was longer. The ending in particular seemed a bit rushed. More exploration of the mythos and some additional flashbacks could have aided the story. All the same, this is an enjoyable tale that I would recommend to fans of horror and Halloween.
Carl Alves - author of Blood Street