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Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come - Tim Green In Kingdom Come, Thane Coder is a former athlete who is now working for a construction company. Despite his nice job and sweet salary and hot wife, this is not good enough for Thane. When the president of the company announced he was going to bring the company public and promote his son, Thane began making deals with the union, which was basically a mob run outfit. He murders James King, the president of the company and tries to frame his son Scott for the murder. Meanwhile, he is playing both sides of the fence, cutting deals with the FBI.
Kingdom Come is a sordid tale of deceit and betrayal. The plot keeps moving, but is often lacking in realism. All is all, the story had a fast pace and tension. The characters are lacking a bit in substance. It's worth reading for the entertainment value, but not one of the more memorable books I have read.
Carl Alves - author of Blood Street