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The Angel Experiment/School's Out Forever/Saving the World Set

The Angel Experiment/School's Out Forever/Saving the World Set - James Patterson I realize that this series is written for a different type of audience than typical James Patterson novels, but the writing in this novel was not even close to up to par to his typical offerings. It almost seems like somebody else wrote this and James Patterson slapped his name on it. Knowing that Patterson doesn't write all of his material, that would not surprise me. In this novel Maximum Ride and her cohorts of winged avian mutants, have escaped from their captors and are now running free. However, Jeb and the folks who created Max and her friends, are out to get her. The Erasers, who are sort of like werewolves, now have wings. Also, there is a second Max that has been created.
The characters in this novel are weak and not very believable. The plot holes in this novel are about the size of Mount Everest. The logic is poorly thought out. The prose is not remotely impressive. The only positive I can say is that the novel moves at a fast pace and is a quick read. This novel is not worth reading. I would recommend giving it a pass.
Carl Alves - author of Blood Street