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The Collectors

The Collectors - David Baldacci The Collectors is a fast paced thriller filled with espionage and intrigue. It follows two separate story lines that eventually come together. The more enjoyable story line was when Annabelle Conroy tries to run a long con on a casino executive who is more mobster than corporate CEO. This man killed Annabelle's mother when she was just a young girl. Meanwhile the eclectic Camel Club, led by their leader Oliver Stone (not the famous director) is investigating a murder of one of their member's friends. This crime is related to the murder of the Speaker of the House.

The Camel Club link up with Annabelle to uncover an espionage ring involving rare and priceless books. The villain that they have to go up against is quite formidable and they have their hands full, pulling together their collective resources. All of this leads them to a CIA killer.

This was an enjoyable novel that moved quickly and was well written. The members of the Camel Club were interesting characters and Annabelle brought an extra element to the group. What many of these types of novels suffer from is a lack of believability, but that was not the case here. All in all, a thriller worth picking up.
Carl Alves - author of Blood Street