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Halo - Alexandra Adornetto Halo is a weak imitation of Twilight. It is so bad on so many levels that it is hard to even know where to begin. What I don't understand is that if this writer wanted to basically write a version of Beverly Hills 90210, why did she feel the need to include angels as part of the story? It's basically a teen romance and the fact that one of the characters happens to be an angel doesn't even play an essential part of the story. She could just as easily be someone who moved from another area, and it would make no difference to the essence of the story.
The writing is dreadful teen melodrama. As a writer, I had to cringe as I read awful pages of subpar dialogue and narrative. The characters were as poorly drawn as I can remember reading in a novel. Every last one of them is more of a cartoon character than a real life person, not to mention blatant rip-offs of characters in other teen romance books and shows. There is nothing remotely original about the novel other than the token angels. Halo is one of the worst novels I've read in quite some time.
Carl Alves - author of Blood Street