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Collision - Jeff Abbott Collision starts off with a bang when Ben Forsberg is on his honeymoon with his wife in Hawaii when a supposedly random shot through the window kills her. This is the prelude to an assassination attempt gone bad when Pilgrim, a member of the Cellar, an off the books dirty ops offshoot of the CIA, survives an attempt on his life in what is a plot to uproot the Cellar and get them to work for the evil government contractor, Sam Hector, who Ben Forsberg works for. Pilgrim then links up with Forsberg to find out who is behind this plot.
There is a good bit to like about this novel. For one thing, it moves at a fast pace. The story is loaded with action. The writing is also quite competent. There are a couple of big flaws in this novel. The first is that the author has an obvious political agenda and an axe to grind. The malevolent defense contractor has become tired and cliché in the world of thriller fiction and Hollywood. The other thing is that the villain in the story, Sam Hector, is not remotely believable. He is evil to the core, more of a caricature than a real person. Those things stop this from being a great novel instead of a decent novel. Still it is entertaining and worth reading.
Carl Alves - author of Blood Street