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Pinheads and Patriots: Where You Stand in the Age of Obama

Pinheads and Patriots: Where You Stand in the Age of Obama - Bill O'Reilly I listened to the audiobook version of Patriot or Pinhead, narrated by Bill O'Reilly. Because the author was narrating, it sounded much like his television show. I really enjoyed the concept of the novel, where he analyzed the first eighteen months of the Obama administration as well as looking at contemporary people as well as people throughout history to analyze whether they qualify into the category of patriot or pinhead. What I most enjoyed about the book is the level of research that O'Reilly put into his opinions. These weren't knee-jerk reactions. He put a good deal of analysis, and used a fair-handed approach. For the individuals and situations he commented on, he usually gave positive and negatives, with the exception of Jane Fonda, who made his pinhead hall of fame.
I thoroughly enjoyed the way he broke down such people as Lassie, Marilyn Monroe, Robert Kennedy, and some of our past presidents. When he analyzed JFK, he gave some strong positives and some negatives, showing that there are generally two sides to a coin, and things aren't always black and white. The book was both entertaining and informative, and regardless of your political affiliation, worth reading.
Carl Alves - author of Blood Street