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The Burning Time

The Burning Time - J.G. Faherty The Burning Time is a supernatural thriller set in a small town in New York. In an otherwise normal, ho-hum kind of town a preacher of sorts comes to town, and when he does all hell breaks loose. People start to die in horrific fashion. Otherwise normal folk lose their mind. The town is on the verge of complete chaos until a travelling mage comes to counteract the stranger. He and his ancestors have battled the stranger before. After befriending a woman and her younger brother, he must do everything in his power to prevent the stranger from creating a passageway to the Elder Gods and letting all hell loose on Earth.

The Burning Time combines strong elements of suspense and terror. Author JG Faherty uses a slow build, not making it clear what the characters intentions are. The story builds tension and makes the reader crave for more. What mostly impressed me is the progression and maturity that Faherty has made as a writer. The Burning Time shows a real mastery of the craft of writing with three dimensional characters that resonate. It reminds me in many ways of Stephen King’s Needful Things, one of the horror master’s greatest works. Although there are a few logic holes to get past in the plot, the story-telling is of high quality. This is a book that any reader will truly enjoy – a must read.