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Blood Orchid

Blood Orchid - Stuart Woods In Blood Orchid, police chief Holly Barker is at the house of retired real estate developer Ed Shine's house when a gunman shoots up the place. Meanwhile, Shine purchases the former mafia owned estate Palmetto Gardens, which he is renaming Blood Orchid. Holly finds her house being bugged as she undertakes this investigation. The investigation takes her to Miami and has mafia ties all over it.

Although I found the novel to be entertaining and an easy read, I also found it to be a little predictable. It became obvious very early on that real estate developer Ed Shine was involved in whatever was going on because Holly kept saying over and over again that he was such a nice guy and could not be involved. Some more subtle misdirection would have gone a long way in making the mystery aspect of this story stronger. The other thing that rubbed me the wrong way was that Holly was all into her new love interest despite the fact that her ex had just died. It made her less sympathetic and seemed forced. When the big reveal came at the end, it was hardly a shocker. Still, this novel was entertaining and worth reading.
Carl Alves - author of Two For Eternity