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Long Spoon Lane

Long Spoon Lane - Anne Perry Set in the late 1800s in England, the story starts off with the bombing of a building and the murder of one of the anarchists believed to be behind the bombing plot. Thomas Pitt of Special Branch is brought in to investigate the bombing and the murder. This starts a long path where Pitt's investigation reveals corruption in the police force and the government. He uncovers that the bombing and the murder were all about an attempt to pass a bill that would give the police more power.

Although the mystery aspect of this was well done and much of the plot was compelling, the underlying reason behind all of this seemed really silly, making it hard for me to ever get into the story. The characters in the story made such a big deal about a bill that would allow police to carry firearms. My reaction as I was reading was what's the big deal? Of course, police officers should be able to carry firearms. Going up against armed criminals equipped with nightsticks would be ridiculous. The characters also raised a big stink about the police being allowed to question the servants of rich folk. God forbid, these ultra rich, high and mighty people would have their servants be allowed to answer questions about possible criminal wrong doing. The last time I checked anybody can be questioned if a commoner is suspected of a crime. Anyway, it really irritated me and as a result I could never get fully invested into the characters or the story. Still, not a bad read as far as mysteries go.
Carl Alves - author of Two For Eternity
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