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The Doorkeepers

The Doorkeepers - Graham Masterton This was the first novel that I read from Graham Masterton, and I was damn glad I chose to read it. Graham Masterton is a brilliant horror writer, perhaps the very best out there today in my humble opinion. The Doorkeepers is a spellbinding tale of alternative history and parallel universes, chocked full of the horrific elements that makes Masterton so good. The story starts off with a dead body floating in the Thames. The dead woman's brother, Josh, and his girlfriend Nancy travel to London to investigate the murder. Through some good sleuthing involving an old address, a psychic, and clues from a nursery rhyme, Josh and Nancy find a doorway that leads to a whole different kind of London which is frighteningly Puritanical in nature, and find themselves being hunted down by the Hooded Men.

This leads to other doorways and other versions of London in what was a fascinating narrative that I could not stop reading. Masterton does a great job of weaving mystery and suspense, building intrigue as the story progresses. As a writer, I am continually wowed by Masterton's craftsmanship. His pace, his voice, his narrative structure are all so flawless. He is also a master of spine tingling terror and although this is more than just a horror novel, the scares never let up. All in all a fantastic piece of literature that I would unequivocally recommend.

Carl Alves - author of Two For Eternity