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The Ring of Five Dragons

The Ring of Five Dragons - Eric Van Lustbader The first thing about this novel is that it could be cut in half at a minimum. There was so much unnecessary, extraneous information. The characters did not fell real. The story was convoluted. In the world of the story, the Vornn are the invaders who have taken over the planet inhabited by the Kundalan. Despite this, the Vornn male seem to have no interest in the females of their species, but are overly enthralled with every Kundalan female on the planet. The story line is so convoluted that I can't even succinctly explain it. It does, however, involve a ring and the fate of the planet. The part that really lost me was when the main character, a Vornn male transforms into a Kundalan female. Yeah, exactly. Not to mention that if I see another word with three consecutive same letters, I might have to scream. This book is not worth reading.

Carl Alves - author of Two For Eternity.