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A Terrible Beauty

A Terrible Beauty - Graham Masterton Graham Masterton is an absolutely brilliant writer. I only started reading his novels inthe past five years and I still have to catch up on his earlier stuff, but everything that Masterton writes is top notch. A Terrible Beauty was the second novel of his that I read after The Doorkeepers (spoiler alert – that will also be appearing on my list) and I was just wowed by how masterful he is at the craft of his writing. If I could describe A Terrible Beauty in one word, it would be gritty.

Set in Ireland, Detective Katie Maguire has to investigate a grave in Cork where she finds bones from eleven bodies. Katie’s investigation shows that these horrific murders are part of a ritual to call up an evil witch. As Katie gets closer to finding the killer, she discovers that she is to be the final victim in this ritualistic killing.

A Terrible Beauty is definitely not for the faint of heart or the squeamish with its gruesome torture scenes. The level of violence is graphic and detailed but it fits perfectly for the book. It’s part suspense thriller, part horror but a very enjoyable, well written novel. I have yet to read a novel by Graham Masterton that is anything less than top notch and a Terrible Beauty is one of his best.
Carl Alves - author of Two For Eternity