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Toothless - J.P. Moore For the most part I enjoyed Toothless. Set in the middle ages, Toothless is an alternative history novel where demons, known as the Yew, are taking over humanity. Toothless was a former Templar Knight named Martin, who died at the hands of the Yew. At first he was working for them, killing people like a scythe going through wheat. But eventually after meeting a woman with mystical abilities, he has a change of heart and helps the Templars fight against the Yew. Although I enjoyed Toothless, parts of it were hard to get through. For one thing, Toothless is incapable of speaking, making for some awkward reading. Also, the novel seemed a little rough around the edges. All the same, I found it enjoyable.
Carl Alves - author of Two For Eternity