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When Darkness Falls

When Darkness Falls - James Grippando In When Darkness Falls, attorney Jack Swyteck takes on Falcon, a homeless man, as a client after Falcon holds up traffic for hours and demands to talk to the mayor's daughter. Falcon's desire to talk to the mayor's daughter never materializes as he is captured. After making bail, he flees after finding a dead woman in the back of the trunk he usually shacks up at. This starts a story that has one twist after another ultimately leading up to the civil war in Argentina many years earlier.
When Darkness Falls is a gripping novel. The story starts off strong and continues to go on strong. As I mentioned there are many twists and turns as Swyteck investigates Falcon's history and his relationship to the mayor's daughter. James Grippando shows impressive skill in his writing technique, and clearly knows how to weave a good story. Each of the main characters adds something to the story, and all of it blends together including a satisfying ending. A book worth reading.
Carl Alves - author of Blood Street