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Catch-22 - Joseph Heller I realize that Catch 22 is a very popular novel, which is the reason why I read it. Having said that, Catch 22 is unequivocally one of the worst novels I have ever read. It's like one of those movies that wins the Oscar, so you watch it and wonder what all the hype was all about. Following the plot of Yossarian going through his flying missions during the war, I didn't find anything remotely humorous about the novel, not even to the point of giving a half chuckle or even a smile. The book was poorly written. The characters were outrageously terribly drawn and have no reflection on reality. There is not a single, redeemable quality about the book. Perhaps I am missing something that makes everyone think it was so wonderful, but I thought it was abysmal.
Carl Alves - author of Blood Street