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The Fall of Atlantis

The Fall of Atlantis - Marion Zimmer Bradley Although, The Fall of Atlantis has elements of fantasy incorporated into it, the novel is mostly just a romance pretending to be a fantasy. This is a tale of two sisters, Deoris and Domaris, who have taken very different paths, Deoris falling for a dying priest, and Domaris following a priest who is pushing into mysterious dark areas of magic. Perhaps the reason I didn't care for this novel is that it is merely a romance novel, a genre I'm allergic to, or perhaps it was because the story just meanders and doesn't seem to go anywhere. This is a novel that could have been cut in half and not lose anything. The prose was fine, but the characters fell flat. Mostly there was nothing in this story that wowed me or made me want to sink my teeth into. It was an all together less than mediocre novel that I would avoid.
Carl Alves - author of Blood Street