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The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse - P.D. James In the The Lighthouse, there has been a murder on an island that is the refuge of the rich and powerful, a shocking event to the citizens. Detective Dagliesh and his team are called in to investigate the sensitive murder. Much of the book focuses on the relationships of the characters - between Dagliesh and his girlfriend Emma, as well as Sergeant Benton and his boss. The actual mystery seems to be only in the background. As Dagliesh and his team investigate the murders, a reclusive best selling author figures prominently into it. The mystery itself is a bit lackluster. James seems to have put more time in character development than the plot, which suffers as a result. As a result this is a fairly pedestrian mystery. It's not a bad read, but one that is imminently forgettable.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street