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Blood Dreams

Blood Dreams - Kay Hooper In Blood Dreams, the daughter of a US senator is kidnapped by a serial killer. Noah Bishop's FBI Special Crimes Unit is enlisted to find her. To capture this killer he has taken on the help of Dani Jacobs, who is really the main protagonist in the story. Her special skill is being able to dream of what is going to occur in the future, a pretty cool and useful skill to have. The most vivid aspects of the story are these dreams, which tend to be fairly horrific. The biggest drawback of the story is the lack of realism when it comes to defining how the serial killer operates. As I've found in many other serial killer books, despite a lack of superhuman powers, he does things that people simply can't do. They make him too omnipotent to be remotely believable. It's one of the reasons I generally don't like serial killer novels.

The writing is pretty competent and their is sufficient tension in the novel. It's not a bad read, but it's not a great novel either. If you have read other novels in the series, then you will probably want to read this one as well.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street