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The Island

The Island - Heather Graham In The Island Beth Anderson goes on a trip to a remote island near Florida with her brother and her nephew. She finds a skull there and gets all freaked out, recalling a story about a missing couple. This leads her to investigate the situation in what turns out to be a convoluted mystery.

The Island is a very flawed novel. For one thing, none of the characters are all that interesting, and it's hard to care about them, in particular the love interest that Beth develops with the mysterious manly man Keith. The plot holes in the story are too numerous to mention. The tension never fully develops, or perhaps it didn't matter because I could not get myself to root for or against any of the characters. In the end, this is a very forgettable novel. I've read better from Heather Graham, and I would suggest skipping this one.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street