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Seeker - William Nicholson Seeker is the first novel from William Nicholson that I've read, and after reading it, I don't particularly feel the need to read any of his other novels. Nicholson is very heavy into world building and spent a good bit of time on the backstory about the Nomana, or the noble warriors, who dedicate their lives to the Nom, the All and the Only. This backstory, unfortunately, is poorly developed, not particularly interesting and really drags. The characters are just abysmal. All three of the main characters, are poorly drawn out, not compelling and add little to the story. The Wild Man character may be the single worst character that I have ever encountered in any book I've ever read, and I have read a helluva lot of books in my day.

The three characters go on a journey that seems to go nowhere. Seeker of Justice, the main character, is trying to find his brother, Blaze of Justice, who is purportedly a traitor. Another annoying aspect of this novel is that the character names are ridiculous. I can't really think of anything particularly redeemable about this novel. My only piece of advice would be to stay away. Life is too short to read bad novels.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street