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The Second Horseman

The Second Horseman - Kyle Mills The idea behind this novel certainly sounds interesting: break a master thief out of prison in order to steal massive amounts of cash to buy nuclear weapons from these Ukrainian gangsters in order to get them out of the market. It certainly hooked me in. In order to get the $200 Million Brandon, the master thief, must heist trucks filled with cash coming from Las Vegas casinos. Not that it was without flaws, but this was the best part of the novel. The downright ridiculousness comes when Brandon and company must travel out to the Ukraine to make the purchase.

My major issue with this book is the general lack of believability . I have no issue with the premise, but I found myself inwardly groaning at much of what was written. The novel also violated one of my pet peeves, where the real bad guys are members of the US government, and not the terrorist bastards that we deal with in the real world. As a result I had a hard time staying with this novel. My recommendation is not to bother picking this book up to begin with. Not to say there isn't entertaining aspects of this novel, but it wasn't well written or well executed.

Carl Alves - author of Two For Eternity