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The Codex

The Codex - Douglas Preston The Codex starts off with a great premise. Billionaire Max Broadbent, who is dying of cancer, disappears and leaves a video for his three sons. In order to get their inheritance, which he packed away with him, they have to find him in a jungle in South America. Sounds great. And although the novel has some good points, there is much that detracts from it. One is believability, which this novel lacks in abundance. The other thing that thoroughly annoyed me to no end was the presence of the evil, diabolical, shadowy pharmaceutical company. This has become so tired and trite in novels and movies that it makes me physically ill when I come across it. I would hope for some more originality from Mr. Preston. At any rate, the novel has many twists and turns, which were not always believable.
Carl Alves - author of Two For Eternity