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The Cobra

The Cobra - Frederick Forsyth The premise of Cobra is that the president of the United States has decided that he wants to eliminate Cocaine trade in the United States. The laughable part about that is that the president is described as a black man whose father is from Kenya and his mother is a white woman from Kansas. Hmm…I wonder who they could be referring to. The laughable part is that this is the premise despite the fact that the Obama administration is incredibly soft on drug crimes. At any rate, he assigns the task of crushing Cocaine trafficking to a ruthless CIA agent nicknamed the Cobra. He will do anything to gain his result. He opts to attack Cocaine trafficking at see, but his end game is to get the gangs and the cartels to fight each other to the death.

I thought the premise of this novel was interesting, but that was about all that I liked about it. My biggest complaint is that the narration was done with this third person omniscient viewpoint that was so detached that it felt often times like I was reading an essay instead of a fiction novel. Even worse is that the novel is completely devoid of any tension. Everything goes exactly as planned and there is never any threat to the Cobra or Cal Dexter, his main operative. It is only until the very end, where there is any possible danger. Therefore, there was little to no intrigue in this novel either. I would advise skipping this novel.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street