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Lost Lake

Lost Lake - Phillip Margolin Lost Lake was entertaining, moved along nicely, had a strong plot and good tension. There was a lot to like about it. It's the story of a man Carl Rice, who was part of a general who is now running for president's secret army of assassins. Years later, he is arrested. A lawyer who befriended him agrees to take his case while General Wingate targets him for assassination. Although I enjoyed, there were some parts that I thought were unbelievable and brought the book down a peg. For instance, the evil General Wingate was running against the incumbent president in his party's primary and beating him. That does not happen in real life. The moment Wingate daughter started making allegations against him, he would be sunk. There's no way in hell a presidential candidate could have done all of those horrible things without it getting uncovered; ask Herman Caine, Bill Clinton and Gary Hart. Once the whole thing got uncovered Wingate's response was so utterly preposterous that it was laughable. Margolin wrote a decent story, but he needs to get a grip on reality.

Carl Alves - author of Two For Eternity