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Crusade (Destroyermen)

Crusade (Destroyermen) - Taylor Anderson Taylor Anderson's first novel in his Destroymen series was one of the best novels I've ever read, so the bar was set high for Crusade. Fortunately, Taylor Anderson delivered with an excellent sequel. The world he created is a fascinating one where two naval destroyers from World War II are badly damaged in a fight with a Japanese naval ship, landing in an alternate world, where they take the side with the peaceful Lemurians against the dreaded lizard creatures, the Grik. As Captain Reddy gets his crew ready for an offensive against the Grik, they discover that the Japanese vessel they had been fighting against has not only also made it into this world but is aligned with the Grik. The task before them becomes incredibly daunting, if not possible.
What I liked about this novel is first, the terrific characters in the story. Anderson does an excellent job of sculpting well-defined characters, both human and Lemurians alike. There are great side-stories intermixed with the main conflict. One thing that I liked better about the sequel was that although there was some struggle, I thought things went a little too easy for the good guys in the first novel. This time the tasks they had to face were incredibly rough to the point where I had to wonder how they were going to survive in a realistic fashion. That part is still to be determined. Finally, the situation that Anderson has created is one where I found myself really pulling for the Destroyermen and the Lemurians. There were terrific fight scenes and good transitional scenes. All in all a well-done sequel definitely worth reading.

Carl Alves - author of Two For Eternity