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Blood Oath

Blood Oath - Christopher Farnsworth When I heard of the concept for this novel, I was immediately intrigued. A vampire who has given an oath to protect the president of the United States – cool idea. When a vampire protecting the president is the most believable aspect of this story, you have a hot mess on your hands. Where do I start? First off, the characters are awful and one-dimensional. Our vampire, Nathaniel Cade, has all of the personality of a dried apricot. There is so much a writer can do with vampires and Farnsworth chose to do as little as possible. His liaison, Zach, is an annoying weasel who would have benefited the novel if he had been killed off in the first few chapters. Konrad, the German scientist who serves as the book’s antagonist, is so poorly drawn he makes the other characters seem lively and three-dimensional.

There is no realism in any aspect of this novel – keeping in mind that I’m fully on board with the concept of a vampire serving the president of the United States. Everything else about the novel is completely ridiculous including the Frankenstein-like monsters that are unleashed upon the president. The writing is amateurish at best. I would like to find a redeemable aspect of this novel, but I can’t. Avoid it at all costs.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street