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Cruel Intent

Cruel Intent - J.A. Jance Of late I've been really souring on the insane overabundance of serial killer novels. They have been so overdone of late that it was hard to trudge through yet another one. Still, Cruel Intent was a pretty easy read and had a lighter tone than some of the others I've read lately. In Cruel Intent, ex TV journalist Ali Reynolds gets involved in a murder case when the contractor working on her case is investigated and later arrested for murder. In the process, she comes across a website devoted to married people hooking up and gets in the crosshairs of the killer. My biggest problem is that their was so much extraneous information that was neither pertinent to the story or remotely interesting. I think Jance could have cut a quarter of the novel out and not missed a beat. The whole side story where Ali was in charge of giving a scholarship was pointless. With a better editor this novel would have improved greatly.
Carl Alves - author of Two For Eternity