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Bait - Karen Robards In Bait, a failed attempt is made on Maddie Fitzgerald, a young woman who runs an advertisement agency. This same killer is being hunted by the FBI agent Sam McCabe. Maddie is resistant to any FBI protection because of her checkered past. She changed her name and took on a new life after fleeing from the mob. She returns to St. Louis where the killer continues to come after her and McCabe and company protect. But really the novel is about the developing romance between Maddie and McCabe.

This novel fails in so many different ways. The first thing is that the novel is one big cliché. First there is the woman with the past who is being protected by the FBI and surprise, surprise she develops a relationship with the law enforcement officer trying to protect. I think I've read that story about a dozen times. There are so many elements of the plot and characters that feel worn and tired. Maddie is resistant to McCabe and is hostile toward him yet naturally they wind up together. To make matters worse, the writers uses dozens of cliché phrases throughout her novel. The believability is non-existent. I can only suspend my disbelief so far and that does not include a professional hitman who taunts the FBI agents that are after him. I should have just stopped reading at that point. A professional would never risk getting caught like that. The explanation that is provided at the end is lame. Furthermore, the plot is really inconsequential and is treated that way. It's really just a backdrop to the romance that develops. This is a weak novel, and I would recommend skipping it.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street