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Last Light (Restoration Series #1)

Last Light (Restoration Series #1) - Terri Blackstock Much like the television show "Revolution", this novel and series starts off with the premise of the power going completely out. It happens suddenly and dramatically as planes starting falling out of the sky. Everything that has works on electricity or uses some type of computer chip or circuit doesn't work. The main characters in the story are the Banning family. They have to deal with life without power. Also, hovering around the background is a very weak murder mystery where people are being killed and their possessions stolen.

There was very little to like about the novel and very little positive to say about it. For one thing the characters are poorly drawn and not remotely sympathetic. The Banning children in particular were obnoxiously annoying with their constant whining and complaining. I was hoping that a lightning bolt would kill them off. In particular, the oldest daughter Denny has to be the stupidest person ever to graduate from Georgetown. Also, how quickly society devolved was ridiculous. Within a day people were beating each other up for small possessions and being ruthless in their activities, even before they realized the power would be permanently out. Another thing that irked me was that the author was so heavy handed with the Christianity aspect of the novel. It became overbearing after a while. I will not be reading any further novels in this series and I highly recommend anyone to skip this.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street