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Acts of Malice

Acts of Malice - Perri O'Shaughnessy In Acts of Malice, Jim Stronghold hires attorney Nina Reilly to hire him when he is suspected of murdering his brother in a skiing accident. As Nina delves further into the case, she is conflicted when she develops a relationship with the prosecuting attorney. Even though she wants to believe in her client's innocence, more and more hints are appearing that he is not all that he seems to be and he has a nasty side to him. Despite being warned off, Nina persists and evnetually comes to realize the evil nature of her client, and by that time she is fighting for her family's life.

There's a certain level of suspense that I enjoyed, but there was also a bit of ridiculousness and lack of believability, which stops it from being a good book instead of just a decent book. This book may hold more interest to skiers out there, since so much of the book involves skiing. By the end, the novel devolves a little and strays more into the area of ridiculousness.

Carl Alves - author of Two For Eternity