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The Darkest Evening of the Year

The Darkest Evening of the Year - Dean Koontz I probably should have realized that this novel wouldn’t work for me when I saw a dog on the cover. One of the most annoying aspects of Dean Koontz novels is this infatuation he has with dogs, how he gives them human attributes, how he holds them on pedestals for above his human characters. Predictably, this novel didn’t work for me in any way shape or form and is one of Koontz’s worst novels, and there have been a few stinkers he’s put out. The two protagonists in this novel start off by saving a Golden Retriever during a violent family intervention. Of course, they don’t seem to much care about the people involved, but why save a person when you could save a dog.

The book is filled with melodrama with little to no believability in any aspect of it. The plot is ludicrous, and the writing is far from being Dean Koontz’s best work. When he is on, Dean Koontz is great. He has produced some of the best novels I’ve ever read. Unfortunately, it seems that he is just as likely to put out a weak effort, like this novel. Unless you’re a dog lover, I would suggest skipping this novel. Try out Lightning instead.

Carl Alves – author of Blood Street