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Justice For None

Justice For None - Gene Hackman, Daniel Lenihan In Justice for None, Calvin Boyd is a World War 1 combat veteran with a decorated past who settles into Illinois just prior to the Great Depression. Calvin is accused of killing his estranged wife, and immediately goes on the run, seeing how the deck is stacked against him in the legal system. Calvin has people on his side who are trying to help him but he always does his best to thrust these people away from him, often becoming his own worst enemy in the process.
The plot is pretty basic and straight forward. There is nothing exceptional about it. I think the best aspect of the novel in terms of the writing was the strong depiction of the setting. The authors do a nice job of setting the mood for both the area of the country and the time-period. The setting also creates the appropriate mood for the story. Calvin Boyd is a fairly likeable character, even though his actions are a bit destructive. Justice For None is a solid but unspectacular read, one that will entertain but not one that is particularly profound.
Carl Alves - author of Blood Street