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Death Mask

Death Mask - Graham Masterton In Death Mask, the main protagonist Molly Sawyer, has a special artisitic talent. She helps the police in drawing sketches for them. Her mother-in-law Sissy has psychic talents and reads tarot cards. The story really kicks into high gear when a mysterious double murder occurs in the elevator of a building in Cincinatti. The killer wears a red mask, which Molly depicts in her artist sketch. When the brutal killings show no sign of letting up, Molly and her mother-in-law come to the conclusion that her art work is coming to life. All of a sudden, there is more than one killer for the police to deal with.

Death Mask gives the reader just about everything they could ask for in a horror novel. For starters, the writing is superb, which is precisely what I would expect from Graham Masterton. The man is simply a master craftsman. The buildup in tension and horror is flawlessly executed. The premise of the story is unique and intriguing. The tension builds to a crescendo. The characters come to life. Despite the horror that Molly feels for springing a killer to life, she and Sissy don't back down in the face of danger. Although this isn't Masterton's best work, it's not far off the mark. The book is terrific fun. If you're a horror fan, this novel is a must read.

Carl Alves - author of Blood Street